Walk-In - The Time is Now Vibrational Essence


Full Moon November 14.11.16

Guided by Anna Merkaba from Sacred Ascension Key of Life Secrets of the Universe, I was able to hold the energies from the 11:11 gateway portal on this day and harnessed the suns energy through the lightcodes and start the essence with grounding, stabilization and alignment as a set up for last nights full moon energy and download for the walk in souls.
When I walked into the centre of my labyrinth I felt the build up of
energy coming in as my higher self, over soul and Goddess Self aligned with the one light, one love and one Christ consciousness of All there is.
Thus I began calling in Metatron from the 33rd dimension and felt an
energetic caldron appear before me to start brewing the pacific
ingredients that contain the guided messages for this elixir to have a
profound impact on the walk in souls. Clematis appeared through the
etheric and dropped in, I called this in to assist and refine the senses, open to inspiration, to feel more transparent and clear whilst remaining grounded and connected to our world and reality. Sometimes you can almost feel like your in a daydream, this pulls you back in to your centre and into your lower chakras so your more connected to the earths vibrations. The purest lemon appeared and this allowed me to infuse the purification of all negative vibrations are washed away to strengthen the entire meridian system of the body cleansing aspects of our life for clearing.
Rose quartz was next and I actually had a physical rose quartz crystal that was rough but made in the shape of a heart, this I sat on the top of the Mother Essence bottle, not touching any water but energetically holding space and then the crystal spoke of infusing this energy of Self Love, Self Worth and Self Respect within the heart chambers to create a force field of unconditional love for expansion and renewal.
Geranium then appeared and infused the energetic imprints of coming together of the mind, body and spirit aligning to a greater purpose and focusing on the greater good for the whole. Nutmeg came in for the spiritual support of the souls journey. Cloves/Clove Tree steps in with an infusion of memory stimulation and the higher purpose to ones spiritual journey, the Merkaba also appeared and infused their light codes in the brew too. Gypsum came through next with the codes for the Awakening Kundalini to rise and balance the masculine and feminine principles within.
I allowed all the ingredients to infuse and work together in harmony and balance, I asked the moon shine her light and activate the crystalline codes and I placed my hands on the earth, feet on the ground and I spoke to the great mother from my heart to hers, that she infuse the new earth codes and the grounding needed through the four directions and elements and then the 5th, ether floated like musical notes into the caldron of life now in front of me. I created this in nature and under the sun, moon and stars because nature heals, this essence is like a tree rooted that reaches right down into the centre of the earth, stable, grounded and strong in their knowing that the path ahead comes in waves of light and dark but love never falters and in allowing a walk-in to feel safe and nurtured and loved, this essence will bring you more stability, self assured and grounded into your everyday reality to carry forth your path
of work in confidence and support within and without.

I was guided that this essence works in 2 ways, for the Walk-ins that
have a strong sense of their origins and soul paths and are being
"switched on" to their true galactic selves therefore the changes they are undergoing through their environments are making them more sensitive to the earth changes also. This is in support of those walk-in/higher versions of self souls and Also the other way in which souls opt out here on earth at this time and no longer wish to stay therefore leaving and now a walk in is able to occupy a new human body and needs great assistance.