Unity Consciousness - Trinity Collection

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Unity Consciousness - Trinity Collection

Opening - This essence has the vibrational signature of cracking open a once innocent and pure childlike heart. Once upon a time in the purity of unconditional love we were born into this human world perfect and as time went by we were changed and molded into programs, beliefs, traumas and wounds and forgetfulness. Upon awakening we notice the head rules over our hearts and yet we yearn to come back to our true selves. This is where Opening comes into play, a play of the harp strings of the heart to realign us back into Embodiment, from Unconscious to Conscious Beings. Are you ready to Open?

Expansion - Once the heart is open it is like the childlike wonder comes back into play, we are free from what ways us down and are conscious in all thought forms, our breathing changes and the words that arise pass through the heart to radiate Universal Love, Joy and Peace. You are Expanding at a rapid rate and becoming fully human knowing that all is Oneness from the Expansion of your heart. To Love Fully, in connection to your heart’s core. Expanding into the Unified Field ready for Play.

Creation - Opening, Expansion and Now you are living in the Creation of your God-Self. You come to the InnerStanding that all your cells, Selves and Self are within you to create the blank canvas of your reality with your fellow Sisters and Brothers. That in every present moment there is a creative expression awaiting a masterpiece within the quantum field. Fully connected to All, with the Flow of All. You Are Creation itSelf.
Are you Ready for an inside job to change your consciousness?
This Trinity Collection was inspired by my recent travels to Glastonbury’s Chalice Well Gardens where the waters of the Red and White Lions whispered inspirational remembering.
On my return I made All 3 Essences under the June 17th Full Moon and within week long portal energies of the Winter Solstice where they were completed.
My gift from me to you.
Long Live Love