Merlin Power Vibrational Essence

Image of Merlin Power Vibrational Essence


The Merlin in Me is The Merlin in You Vibrational Essence is here!
Every time I channel a essence I'm blown away by the incredible energy that flows through me to create such a powerful infusion of Love and Magic. Merlin was simply and undeniably MAGIC!
From the moment I invoked his name into the labyrinth the wind swirled in each direction, Ravens stirred from their branches and owls were hooting. In the protection of this sacred place Merlin stood before me and I transformed into the High Priestess in the Moon light, weaving and dancing to the song of life and capturing all that I knew from lives where I was in complete Oneness for this is where the real Magician unlocks the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients. A deep honouring of the ways of the old where sacred geometry is open to those with eyes to see.
This essence is a Reminder of the Magic and Truth within each and everyone of us, to access the scroll of knowledge and manifest our truest hearts desire in harmony with the Earth.
Be. Still. Breathe. All the answers are within You.
Through taking this essence you will be transformed to access the higher realms within you, no more hiding, everything is in sight and the messages will come thick and fast! Are You Ready to bring forth the Merlin in YOU?