The Dragon's Circle - Tory Alexander Vibrational Spray 50ml


When asked what Tory smelt like I replied, 'have you ever been to the Adyar Bookstore?’ The concept of the Ancient Future was born there, and I was wearing a perfume at the time called 'Goddess' that also smelt like the Adyar, which to me was the most sacred, inspiring place! This spray is has that same Zen, inspiring, fortifying, empowering scent. These vibrational sprays are very unisex and will appeal to men and women alike.
Tory's Blend is : Patchouli, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose, Cedarwood & Aquaflora, Alcohol, Aloe Vera Gel and 8th Dimensional water, and the Tory Essence from the full moon.
The 8th Dimensional water comes from a source seed from the USA and it can attune water to vibrate at a higher frequency (that of liquid light). This seed is in the filtered water used in the sprays and essences.
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