The 7 Chakras Vibrational Essence -50mls

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It is with much excitement that I bring you the Magical brew of the 7 Chakras through the March equinox rainbow portal of 2016.
The making of the chakra essences came to me a year ago and through many death and rebirths and initiations of Self I was gratefully given the downloads at the beginning of the month to proceed.
Through the awakening of Self and the rising of the Kundalini 2 Golden Dragons within the earth merged for the earth chakras and birthed their 7 baby dragons in portals across the earth. This energy was weaved through the essences and on each of the seven days the chakras came in with the knowledge and wisdom of the ages to align humanity back to Source.
When all of the chakras were complete I was instructed to wait for the full moon eclipse on the 23rd March and layer each essence into the Mother essence. This is powerful alchemy and I trusted that this is necessary for our dna upgrades and ascension.

This essence awakens your 7 body chakra system. It brings the masculine and feminine aspects of each chakra into alignment for integration and opening. When taken within the body the essence has already worked out where it is needed within the chakras and therefore sets out to balance the inner flow of the serpents rising within.
This chakra essence can also be used on the earth for healing any chakra and acupuncture points within the earth also
You will be guided by the ways of the old in full trust of your highest potential.

The Art work has been created by my beloved Ben Ferguson who was able to create my image through a download I received into art form. Please feel free to visit his website for commissions