The 7 Chakra Children's Vibrationl Essence Remedy 50ml

Image of The 7 Chakra Children's Vibrationl Essence  Remedy 50ml


The 7 Chakra Children's Vibrational Essence is here!
I was told by my inner child and higher self to make a Chakra Essence for the children of the new earth who carry the codes of future ancients here to bring their creative fun loving BEingness to Pachamama and our fellow humans who need lighting up!
As a platform and parent of these extraordinary children, my 3 kids assisted me bring this essence to life, with new codes of their DNA, their crystalline frequencies of sound and colour upgraded and their absolute truth of their missions which allows them to speak up and be completely present within the now. These children are of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. They hold Unity Consciousness within their hearts to see action within their creativity and playfulness extend and reach filaments of others to hold their vision of peace on earth once more. Their vail of forgetfulness drops away. The Dragons of the earth have come out of hiding, in this essence they arrived and spoke of their willingness to assist these children to return to Oneness with All there Is.
This essence will assist those children struggling with highly charged emotions and empathy whilst grounding into the earth. They will open yet hold a protection field of love around their aura to transmute what no longer serves their highest potential. They will feel more deeply at home with the earth and oneness of all there is. They will have higher access to their higher selves for divine guidance. They will know their worth, their love and their magic and will take action to prove their willingness to protect their earth.
They will clear and cleanse the chakras through mindfulness and know when to take time out and go within.
This essence was individually made through the chakras and then layered one by one into a mother essence and acts as a separate and then whole to clear what ever is needed for the mind, body and soul.
This essence is not a fix it nor does it act as a bandage for a so called problem child. Every human being incarnate on this planet has both light and dark, yin and yang energy and therefore in a balanced state we can channel these emotions through love and support of family and friends when expressed and held in a space of love and understand We are creative and expressive Beings on a planet ready to see Us all flourish in Love.
The age taken for this essence is 2-16yrs however if you are an adult with inner child healing this essence can benefit too.
This also comes in a spray with A grade lavender oil.

Made over the Summer Solstice 2016 and finished Full Moon 12/1/17
Artwork by Ben Ferguson