Summer Solstice Sound Healing Event 22 December 2018 1hr

Image of Summer Solstice Sound Healing Event 22 December 2018 1hr

$33.00 - On Sale

Take a journey into the heart of love through sound, light language and the healing art of touch in a hour session in the beautiful Macedon Ranges under a stargate portal. On this night of summer solstice the veil is no more, allowing the pulse of the earth to touch your essence and bring empowered healing to your path.

A studio built on sacred geometry in the design of a Octagon, this healing space is created to take the soul on a journey of transformation and integration through tones of sound which shifts stagnant energy within your body, crystal bowls, drums and ancient instruments to attune, balance and release using light language for recoding the DNA and change old programming no longer serving you.
A deep healing in meditation and relaxation to divinely receive what is rightfully yours. There is always a healing.

Your host Melina & Nyree will transport you back within, awakening codes of remembering. You Are Ready.

7pm till 8pm Saturday 22 December 2018
Please Bring Water, Yoga Mats, blankets and pillows for comfort as the floor is concrete.
Address given on payment, in gratitude.