Stinging Nettle


Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica): New Moon Energy. Right hand. As soon as I placed this tiny seed into my palm my whole hand started to tingle. A completely nourishing for mind, body and soul, this green ally really is a must have in your garden. Rich in Iron, minerals, vitamins, proteins it is the milk of mother earth. The white sap from the root of the plant can be used as a wash on the soles of your feet to rid the toxins from your body. Aids in high blood pressure, headaches, immunity booster, infertility, joint aches, allergies, sciatica, skin and hair nourishes and more. Nettle is a all time healer for general health and wellbeing.

Please note seeds unable to be sold outside of Australia

Note: I cannot accept responsibility for seed, after it leaves my hands for postage to you. It is up to the grower to exercise his or her skills in raising the seed.

30 seeds in packet