Personalised Vibrational Essence for your Soul Purpose

Image of Personalised Vibrational Essence for your Soul Purpose


Brand New to Wise Old Seeds!
I have been asked for a while now if I can make a custom made essence for a person and due to other commitments I have not been able to do them.

2014 is taking on a whole new level of vibration to our mind, body and soul and I now wish to specialise in creating a signature essence for your journey and path to move forward fearlessly.
I call upon your guides and angel as well as going to the Akashic Records to retrieve the knowledge, wisdom and the gifts you have been assigned to in this life and encode them into the essence for balance and clarity. All infused with Love and Your Unique Divine Self and Who You Really Are!

They come in a 25ml dropper bottle with 60% brandy, they can also be made with Apple Cider Vinegar if you can not digest Alcohol.

Art work by Sarah Coultier