Present & Calm Vibrational Essence

Image of Present & Calm  Vibrational Essence


This Rose blossoms every spring in my Space of Love. This year she was bigger and beautiful as ever and she called me to her with her sweetest perfume of earth and asked me to make a essence from her signature essence of all that she is. So I gently plucked her and held her close to my heart and set up a merkaba grid made of clear quartz crystals and placed a mother essence bottle in the middle with the rose in water on top of the bottle. The Rose then started weaving and transferring her light codes and activations from her frequencies to the mother essence, the crystal grid was supporting the transference through higher dimension of the crystalline structure and dna transmutation of old to new The Red Rose gift is a universal force of unconditional love, allowing the heart to expand through the light and shadow of our cycles, a knowing to Stop and be in the very moment of now and to listen when the heart knows the deeper wisdom of truth within.