Magic In A Bottle - Channelled Talimans

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I present to you Magic In A Bottle! These are some already made up and Sold Talisman which are bottled with my Vibrational Seeds and aligned with Crystals to match the magical herbalism designed to assist you on your journey. I have also made a Scroll of knowledge for the keeper with symbols and words to surround in you absolute Activation, Healing and Universal Love. So you can have a custom made talisman for whatever you feel you need, they can be used as key rings, necklaces, hung in a bedroom around the house/front door, in the car or under the pillow, your call. I will be making up ones for Practical Magic, Abundance, Sleep, Astral Travel, Fertility, Love, Healing, Health & WellBeing and more, if you wish to have a custom channelled Talisman please email me once you have placed your order at
Includes Postage for Australia
Extra postage for International order is $14 Australian dollars, please add this on in the menu bar