Learning How to Make your own vibrational sprays and essences with Melina


As I near the end of 2020 and reflect back on the last 10yrs of my business and creating all the essences and sprays I feel very proud of this achievement and assisting so many people along the way to move energy from the inside out. I now feel to move on from this creation and expand even further and wish to offer my knowledge and wisdom that comes with making your creations to assist you on your journey. If you feel called to learn how to create through the power of water and intention and infuse this into your daily practices then please join me on my property filled with magic and awe and leave feeling empowered with gifts of self love and nourishment.
I am happy to work one on one or in small groups if you have a few friends in mind.
The morning or afternoon will include a beautiful walk in our labyrinth to connect to Gaia and her heart and crystalline grid. We will then go up to the studio where I begin to explain the process of essence and spray making. You will be given bottles and pure water infused with 8th Dimensional Source Seeds energy. We will do a mediation and then take our essences back in the labyrinth to birth what ever arises within you. Morning or afternoon tea and herbal tea from the garden provided. An amazing 2hr journey into self, the magic of nature and how you are the co creator in a space of love. Please email Melina at wiseoldseeds@gmail.com if you wish to book for a group.
I can also teach this over skype and cost and time will vary so please feel free to discuss.