Learn from Melina how to make your own vibrational essences and sprays

Image of Learn from Melina how to make your own vibrational essences and sprays


In this 1.5 hour skype/zoom session you will learn the old ways of brewing a mother essence, stock and remedy bottle from a crystal, flower and any creation energy you wish to manifest. From there I will show you how to create this into a spray with essential oils. This is a fun and passionate journey into the world of magic which transforms your life into adventure and creativity. Vibrational essences assist you on the inner journey of self, bringing in more self love and wholeness, clearing blocks, programs and belief systems, this changing your reality on the outer where the sprays hold the balance to move forward.

What you will need before session begins:
500ml medicine bottle,
50ml dropper bottle
25ml dropper bottle.
These are available a chemist/pharmacy or dispensary store for a few dollars. A note pad and pen, there will be writing in this session. A 1.5ltr of natural spring water which is fluoride and chemical free, bottled is fine.
Decide what type of essence you have in mind to make, there are no limits to your imagination to creating.

Once session is complete you will have all information to take away and begin your journey through the moon and sun cycles of transformation to self and those around you. I am also available to assist through email after session is complete if you should have any other questions.

I look foward to sharing this beautiful and enriching magic with you All.