Lavender & The Merlin Stone Mystical Spray 50mls *Limited Edition*

Image of Lavender & The Merlin Stone Mystical Spray 50mls *Limited Edition*


My daughter and harvested lavender from our garden. I'd been called upon by the nature spirits of this plant to make the vibrational essence spray. I filled a clear bowl of water and my daughter placed the lavender in, I chose the crystals of merlin stone and a black onyx etched with silver of the symbol Ether. My intention was to bring the magical properties of this high potency healing herb and marry the crystal infused water with the energies of balance, clarity and purification whilst absorbing into the body and consciousness. In this way, healing occurs on all levels. Over the 3 days I sang, danced and received blessings from the deva spirit of lavender and the crystal infused grid. On the 3rd day it was distilled and 13 magical bottles of this elixir spray were made. This is a perfect spray for mediation and heightened awareness too, I have already used it for space clearing on my healing bed after clients and before sleep I spray on my pillow for peaceful yet insightful dreams.