House & Land Clearings

Image of House & Land Clearings


The earth holds geopathic stress within certain parts of the land where trauma and sickness cannot escape, much like a human who holds the same energy, as a trained geomancer I am able to find the stored up energy and release it so the land can heal it self back to its original state of perfection. When we build our homes on these stressed sited the home also becomes sick and energy does not move and strange things begin to happen, we can feel tired and stressed, sleep patterns become a problem and our children can have constant nightmares, You can also sense uncomfortable presence in your home and become sick with toxic energy, pets are great at picking up irregular and erratic energy when something is not quite right.

If you have ever gone house buying you will always walk into a few homes that just don't feel right, this is the energy out of balance in the land and home.
So if you are buying or selling your home I am able to come into your space of love and bring the land and home back into a state of harmony and joy to be in.
This is how we are meant to live with nature.
House and Land Clearings take up to 2.5 hours to complete, I work the land and clear you home and give you tips on how to keep your sacred space of love in the right energy so everything flows back to you with abundance. I also leave you with a vibational house clearing spray to use once a week throughout your home.