Healing with Alchemy & Sacred Geometry Distant Healing

Image of Healing with Alchemy & Sacred Geometry Distant Healing


Healing with Alchemy Distant Healing is a new healing modality from Alexis Cartwright of Transference Healing.
I was able to learn this Alchemy Healing created and taught by Alexis Cartwright using black onyx stones with etched alchemy symbols and sacred geometric structure cards
This is a very powerful healing and I have channeled how to send via distant healing to those around the world who are unable to get on the table.
I work with your higher self to select which power symbols are needed for your healing and transformation and then grounding back into your being.
The healing grid is then forwarded to your email for meanings to each symbol to read up on.
This healing takes 20mins in total of my time to complete.
The feedback from clients that are on the table experience this alchemy healing as been profound.
I look forward to working with you soon.