Vibrational Healing - Cellular Regeneration


On our beautiful country property in the Macedon Ranges, we have created a scared space of love built on dragon leylines with sacred geometry and codes of awakening. The studio temple is a portal to transformation and so much more.
A session is created for accelerating your energy centre, fine tuning your electromagnetic centre, magnetic fields and clearing off your old energies that are not aligned with your missions and highest potentials. Faith lifts and Cellular Regeneration and Rejuvenation on all levels!
15yrs ago I learnt Reiki 1 &2. Over the years I have been initiated and activated by my higher self and Over Soul with new codes for the DNA, breaking old programming and belief patterns and re coding you with new earth activation's.
My activation's with sound frequency codes followed by a consult within my apothecary essence range to keep working from the inside out. Remembering You are the Healer, all directed by you and how fast and willing you are ready to move and shift within. An empowered session supported in love for you.
Sessions run for 1.5hrs and includes a take home vibrational essence to continue the Ascension Journey.
Please email Melina at for bookings
Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm & Saturday & Sunday on request
Address on confirmed booking
Any additional essences or sprays are $20-$26