Healing Heart Vibrational Essence

Image of Healing Heart  Vibrational Essence


Full Moon 15/4/2014

Whilst stepping into the labyrinth I was immersed in infinite light upon no return, and I hadn’t even gotten to the centre yet. I called upon my Galactic team, all the ArchAngels , My guides along with Jesus and Mary and as I took my last step into the middle I felt his presence, All Mighty deep yet expansive and all encompassing, I felt him in the trees, I felt him in the millions of blades of grass, the cool breeze that iced my cheeks, the birds that were flocking to our trees, the moon light that shined upon all living things and of course my fellow brothers and sisters, Man. My heart was bursting, and my Threefold Flame was ready to share!
The threefold flame was alive and building as I infused the 3 divine plumes, blue for Power that embodies the will of God, yellow for Wisdom and in using Truth and sharing this love with others and pink represents Love and Compassion, the very nature of God. These placed in every human beings heart space at birth. It is within our very own mastery that we balance these like a perfect charka to expand and swirl in perfect harmony with our actions and path to move with ease and grace. Power within comes hand in hand with Love and love then encompasses Wisdom. All must balance. I created this essence because it is time to open yourself up to All and Everything that is Amazing about being Human Right Now. To allow ourselves to live fully in our hearts is the best gift God ever gave us and to know that this flame is so heartfelt and ready to expand and accelerate to our fullest potential is the ultimate gift you can give yourself!