Divine Protection Vibrational Spray 50ml

Image of Divine Protection Vibrational Spray 50ml


A magnificent layer of divine light protection is surrounded in your auric field to shield your when in fear and vulnerable. Knowing also that this combats fear in a death and rebirth transformation which AA Michael encourages your to take the leap of faith. Transmutation, light codes and Love, this is the Spray that I feel we need at this time to move forward fearlessly. Guided by AA Michael I infused the ancient oils of Frankincense, Sage, Spikenard, Cinnamon Bark, Myrtle and Peppermint.
This Spray can be used over the body, in sacred space and ceremonies. Allowing a shift in energy anywhere you go.

These ancient oils are sensitive to children and pregnant women.  Please consult a qualified natural physician prior to use, especially if pregnant or nursing.