Heal Old Wounds Vibrational Essence

Image of Heal Old Wounds  Vibrational Essence


New Moon 1/10/16
I went very deep into the earth mother and created a Yoni Essence for the earth and connected it to every woman on this planet that has suffered pain and trauma within the Yoni and to bring healing from these wounds out into the collective so we can see clearly what needs our attention and to take action from what was and is no longer serving our highest potentials within the earth's resources. From my own experiences the Yoni region held trauma from childhood that needed a final clear out, a voice to be heard and to stand strong in the knowing that the sacredness of the earth is pure and untouchable when we rise into unity consciousness. I weaved ancient symbols, the drum, sacred geometry and sound healing up from the earth and through my womb creation to assist this essence to hear the call of our wounds, to truly hear the cry within to Stop, to Nurture, to Know enough is enough. And so I breathed deeply, so deep, I fell and cried into the earth and we became one in the intoxication of surrender and death. I gave her my all and she returned it into me so a new earth can be born anew. I'm very proud of this essence, a long time coming. Does she call you to step up and heal?