Buddha Abundance Vibrational Spray 50ml

Image of Buddha Abundance Vibrational Spray 50ml


A Divine Abundant healing is occurring in your life when you immerse yourself in Nature and honour all the gifts within your creative space. We are able to step into the Now zone and fully feel the vibrations of one another, letting it all go and therefore we are Blissed out and so Buddha was infused with the ancient oils of Lemon, Spikenard, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Litsea, Sandalwood and Peppermint.
This is a spray that lets you get out of your head and walk a path of stillness, compassion and divine love for All, to be the wise teacher of Self and really feel and give gratitude and acceptance with a Big open heart. Your BEing is Ready for this, embrace All that you have ever wished for and go out and get it.
I also felt that Buddha was giving us the ability to see and hear clearly all the divine wisdom of the Universe that is within You. I saw an abundance of golden pennies drop into the spray and heal all areas of your life that you feel you are not receiving.
This Spray can be used over the body, in sacred space and ceremonies. Allowing a shift in energy anywhere you go.

These ancient oils are sensitive to children and pregnant women.  Please consult a qualified natural physician prior to use, especially if pregnant or nursing.