Bathing in Self Love Bath Salts 150mls

Image of Bathing in Self Love Bath Salts 150mls


An indulgent practice of magic and self love, one of my favourite loves is to create bath salts infused with so much love of the Goddess Self we All meant to be.
Bath Salts is an ancient practice of ritual and release, to aid in the detoxing of the physical, emotional, metal and etheric bodies to bring balance and harmony back to Self.
With the carefully picked ingredients of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt from Pakistan, Pure essential oils of Lavender for calming, Sage for clearing and grounding, Rose and Jasmine for beauty of Self and spray of Cedarwood, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Aust Blue Cypress diluted in a rosewater base for purification. Dried red rose petals from my garden were crushed and added into this blend.
The 7 Chakras Vibrational Essence was added as a key ingredient to assist the 7 chakras into balance and create wholeness.
Sacred geometry and sound therapy and ancient healing symbols were infused into this bottle to create an abundance of self worth, unconditional love with clarity and insight.

150ml bottle = 1 bath self love ritual
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