Unconditional Love Vibrational Essence

Image of Unconditional Love Vibrational Essence


Full Moon 19/9/2013 Quan Yin
After returning from Bali with the aspects and remembering of true Compassion I was inspired to make this beautiful essence into our reality. I called in my God given Self to embody this divine love that I witnessed through my daughter 1yrs old who saw no barriers between races and Loved with a open heart as her rightly Self. Kwan Yin is all about the Individual Self of Inner Compassion, for to truly change the world one must start within and heal the layers and embrace the light and dark then we can look upon humanity with peace and unconditional love.
Also infused into this essence is the holy sacred water from Pura Tirta Empul Temple near Ubud. Such a blessing and honour and total gratitude to have such amazing vibrations.
Remedy 25ml Bottle